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The International Suigetsujuku Bujutsu Association also studies more specialized schools of martial arts. One of those schools is Shurikenjutsu. Shuriken are widely known as throwing stars, however, that is not the type of shuriken we use.

The original type of shuriken is known as Bo-Shuriken and can be written in different ways in Japanese , 手裏剣, 手内剣, 手離剣, all mean roughly “Hand Sword”. In our school, we use the term Shunaiken (手内剣) instead of Shuriken.

The following video demonstrates Koyo Suigetsu Shunaikenjutsu, performed by our teacher Shihan Osano in Japan.

Many more modern versions of Shurikenjutsu use either a ball-type throwing style, or a brushing-type throwing style. In Shunaikenjutsu, a much more direct method of thrusting is used, allowing a Shunaiken to penetrate a target much deeper and much more precise.

If you are interested in learning Shunaikenjutsu, please get in touch with us.

Shuriken or Shukaiken
Shuriken or Shukaiken
Photo curtesy of Shihan Osano
Shuriken or Shukaiken
Photo curtesy of Shihan Osano


If you are interested in learning Japanese Jūjutsu, why not book a trial lesson? You will get dedicated instruction from our head instructor and/or one of the advanced students to experience Nihon Jūjutsu first hand! Trial lessons are free and booked using our booking form.



We train shunaikenjutsu in the gym if Pre-Cam Community School, as well as outdoors in the backyard of the Hekisuikan head instructor.

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