The Suigetsujuku Bujutsu Association that our school is part of studies a variety of Japanese weapon arts, from Kenjutsu (sword fencing) to hojojutsu (rope tying techniques). Our school specializes in unarmed techniques as well as techniques involving small handheld throwing objects (Shuriken). The term Shuriken can be written in different ways (手裏剣 - 手内剣 - 手離剣), each with a different nuance.

Relating to the Kōyōsuigetsu-ryū Shunaikenjutsu, the term "Shunaiken" is used instead of "Shuriken", written as 手内剣. This is a special classical name that is not commonly used. However, we use it in our school. Looking further at the kanji, one can start to figure out the meaning of the traditional reading as well, 離, which includes a crucial meaning for the use of Shuriken.

In Canada, we are is very involved with shurikenjutsu (Japanese throwing spikes and nails). Our headmaster, Dr. Chris de Feijter, actively studies the Kōyōsuigetsu-ryū Shunaikenjutsu from the Suigetsujuku Bujutsu Association. He is also the branch chief of Meifu Shinkage Ryu Canada. Both school use a different type of Bo-shuriken and techniques.


Suigetsujuku Shurikenjutsu is only available to our members at this time.