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Nihon Jujutsu Seminar

Enjoy the thrill and pleasure of classical Japanese Jujutsu (Nihon Jujutsu) under different winds and with a large variety of techniques. Study techniques that have been honed for hundreds of years by master martial artists in Japan.
La Ronge, Saskatchewan
5-8 Hours of Instruction
Shodan Techniques
Novice and Advanced


Kihon (Basics)
Kata (Forms)
Ukemi (Rolling)

Depending on experience with Japanese Jujutsu, attendees study up to 60 basic techniques to develop a common understanding of body movement, positioning, and the soft skills of Jujutsu. Additionally, attendees study 10 shoden kata in depth. Time permitting, additional kata may be studied. The kata studied are all part of the Shoden Gyaku Dori and Shoden Gyaku Nage curriculum (shodan examination requirements). Instruction is done using classical Japanese Jujutsu etiquette.


Although serious and challenging, participants also have lots of learning excitement!


All skills are classical and authentic Japanese Jujutsu techniques. No modern material included.


All attendees are required to be in at least average physical and mental health.


Our seminars are available for both novice and advanced level.

Novice attendees are welcome, and so are advanced budoka. However, if you are experienced, please do not mix and match our skills.
All attendees have to have at least average physical and mental health. Please note that classical Japanese Jujutsu includes rolling and throwing.
Yes, many of our members study individually, similar to how 1000s of students have done that during the last 300 years. However, having a training partner accelerates your learning.
If you have a white uniform (Judo or Karate), please bring it. We can also provide you with a uniform for an additional $35. If you wish to continue to study Classical Japanese Jujutsu, different uniform requirements exist. Please ask us.
BJJ is a modern sport, based on ground skills from Judo. Nihon Jujutsu is a comprehensive martial art, focusing on many more concepts than BJJ.


One Person $150 pp
Two Person Group $125 pp
Three Persons Group $100 pp
Current Members FREE


Room per night Starting at $100

There are various hotels and motels in La Ronge. No dojo accommodation.


2018 October 12/13 La Ronge
2019 January 5/6 La Ronge
2019 May 24 - 26 La Ronge

May 24 is Private Training at additional cost.