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Meaning of Suigetsu

Our shihan in Japan, Osano-sensei, wrote the following to explain the name of the main organization in Japan, Suigetsujuku Bujutsu:


“Suigetsu” from the association name “Suigetsukujuku” is a word expressing the martial arts superiority. I am water, and the moon is our enemy. When the wisdom (water) is clear, you can grasp the enemy’s movements (moon) clearly. However, when your heart is disturbed (waves), you cannot read (reflect) the movement of the enemy and your actions will be slowed down by cognitive processing.”

Considering the name of our branch, Hekisuikan, “sui” (水) reflects on having a pure character and mind.


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Modern vs Traditional

During the Edo period (1603 to 1868) also known as the Tokugawa period, the samurai were prevelent as see portrait in series and movies these days. Samurai were mostly in political positions in government and army. At the end of the Edo period, the Samurai status was ebolished when the emperior power was restored. At that time, the Meji (1868 to 1912) period started, and samurai were no longer allowed to practice their martial arts as combat-related skills or to carry two swords (katana and kodachi or wakizachi).

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