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Japanese Jujutsu

About Japanese Jujutsu

Self-defence of the Samurai

Nihon Jujutsu

Japanese Jujutsu (Nihon Jujutsu) is thought to be battlefield combat and self-defence system that was used by the ancient Samurai. It consists of throws, joint locks, striking, as well as the use of small handheld weapons such as sticks and rope. Japanese Jujutsu is also the predecessor to modern-day Judo, a competition version of Japanese Jujutsu with many of the more dangerous techniques left out. Instead, the focus is on practicing techniques in a predefined sequence known as “Kata”. 

Japanese Jujutsu (Nihon Jujutsu) is what we teach at our school, also known as Yawara in Japan. In Japan, many schools of classical Japanese Jujutsu (Nihon Jujutsu) exist, sometimes only studied within one family from generation to generation.

Beat the Grass and Surprise the Snake.

How Nihon Jujutsu is Taught

Our jujutsu program is a varied program of kihon (60 basics) and kata (40 forms). The curriculum also includes the study of small handheld weapons for self-defence. Japanese Jujutsu is therefore an all-round classical martial arts that can be studied in La Ronge,

Our school teaches Classical Jujutsu the way it is done in small schools in Japan: everyone learns together. We do not implement the strict structures you often see in Western dojos. Rather, we want to create a learning environment in where every member feels safe, acknowledges, and has unlimited opportunities to grow in skill development.

Nihon Jujutsu is taught alongside other martial arts using the Japanese model of teaching: the head instructor teaches the different skills at the same time, moving from group to group. In our dojo, you see participants learning their skills by themselves under guidance from other students and the head instructor. 

Our Japanese Jujutsu training focuses on self-defence – not on competition. However, we do test how we can further develop our skills by trying the skills out on other members. This brings each member closer to their next learning level. All members wear a white belt until they are ready to progress to Shodan (black belt).

Class Schedule
Friday 6:30 pm - 8:30 PM
Private Class On Request

Very old Traditions

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There are many classical and modern school of Nihon Jujutsu. Our school ficuses on teaching a compilation of some of the most dynamic skills from various Jujutsu school. In particular, Shibukawa Ichi-ryu is highlighted. The head instructor is ranked sandan (3rd black belt).

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu took the ne waza from Judo and developed the techniques into a comprehensive, innovative ground game.  Examples include the emphasis on ground drills, playing within the guard, and many more techniques that are clearly evolved from classical judo grappling. Nihon Jujutsu utilizes striking, holding, falling, and throwing techniques, along with the different locks or chokes.

Nihon Jujutsu utilizes weapons, such as the tanto (dagger), tanbo (baton), and hanbo (4-foot staff).

Novice practitioners start training in a regular karate uniform ($70). After a few months, they can upgrade to what is known as a Iaido uniform: a hakama and keikogi ($120 - $200).


Body Conditioning








Frequently Asked About Training

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The monthly cost to participate in training sessions is a flat fee of $50. This includes unlimited sessions on the Friday, as well as additional training sessions online when available.

Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu use weapons that can be used to harm others. Since our school is a member of the Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association, we follow their guidelines for safe training.

Yes, as long as individuals have a clear criminal record, the following is irrelevant: physical condition, gender, age. So anyone is welcome as the training is adapted to your level of development.

Training Demonstration

Here is a video demonstrating some Nihon Jujutsu kata (forms). Please note that our school is not affiliated with the practitioners demonstrating in this video.